Caring tips

Preventative care is always better than aftercare!

1. Dry Silver = Happy Silver

Sterling silver are known to tarnish overtime from external sources so do keep in mind to remove them during:

  • any activities that involves moisture i.e. showering, exercising, swimming etc
  • household and outdoor chores
  • getting ready with skincare, haircare and cosmetic products

Always put on your jewellery last!

2. Proper storage importance

  • Store in dry, cool and dark place
  • Store individually, avoid storing multiple pieces together in the same bag to prevent scratches and/or tangling 
  • A soft dessicant velvet pouch and microfiber cloth is included with every purchase for that extra anti-tarnish protection

3. Polishing

  • Our microfiber cloth is safe for all of our plated and non-plated jewellery
  • Use up and down longitudinal strokes to clean, avoid circular motion